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Contact Carolyn about any issue you are struggling with deciding on. For instance, do you ever ask yourself why people treat you abusively? Or why you cannot quite land that dream job? Or why the love of your life doesn’t even see you on their radar? There is no issue too small or unimportant to ask about. If it bothers you, it is important. Remember, answers are never black and white! There are many shades of grey. One important thing to remember is, to realise that life doesn’t just happen to you. You are not a bystander! You are an active participant and the captain of your ship. And you can direct your life on the path of your choice.

Fill out the form below or SMS or call Tarot by Carolyn on 0438 790 641 and Carolyn will contact you soon. You can also check out what other people are saying about Carolyn’s readings and healing sessions.

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Enquire with Carolyn today for a reading, Theta and Tarot courses, healing sessions, and more.

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When you are considering starting a new project it’s a good idea to synchronise your ideas and projects with the New Moon cycle (waxing). View the current moon phases.


22 Dolphin Close, Kewarra Beach, QLD 4879, Australia

+61 438 790 641

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