Psychic Tarot Readings

Mission Statement

My aim is to help you with my psychic gifts to realise your truth and wisdom and remember the Truth of who you really are.

Psychic Tarot Readings

Psychic tarot readings are a magical, amazing, wonderful tool for spiritual guidance and insight into your life to assist you in dealing with life’s challenges. It unlocks your insight and opens new doors of opportunity for you. 

Tarot can address your subconscious fears. Fears that sabotage your success. Throughout history, kings and leaders have used it to gain clarity and wisdom in making the right choices. See how Carolyn has helped others in your situation.

I offer psychic tarot readings, clairvoyance, spiritual guidance and soul readings on any issue in your life to assist you to:

♥  Discover your direction in life
♥  Improve your relationships
♥  Resolve personal issues
♥  Achieve financial freedom and well-being
♥  Learn how to trust your intuition and others
♥  Achieve clarity and assurance in making the right choices
♥  Develop confidence and self-esteem
♥  Receive detailed guidance on problem solving

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Gain important tools to help you cope with life’s challenges. Here are some of the courses Carolyn offers. Tarot provides guidance and clarity for self-empowerment and assisting others. Theta Technique™ helps to improve your self-esteem and clear limiting beliefs. It is therefore, a powerful tool for setting healthy boundaries, which is especially relevant for dealing with issues such as energy vampires. Reiki is a powerful universal energy for healing physical and psychological ailments. By using it, you can administer (or receive) its gentle and calming power to heal. Learn the age-old technique of Mediation. Through this technique, you will learn how to reach a state of peace and serenity. There are many more courses Tarot by Carolyn has to offer. Enquire today on our Contact page.


Program Duration: by Appointment

Tarot Courses

Program Duration: 6 Classes

Theta Healing Technique

Program Duration: 2 Classes

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