Testimonials on Psychic Tarot Readings

Below are testimonials from my psychic Tarot readings, healing and workshop clients. They have provided me with feedback on how my services have brought them clarity and insight to deal with their difficulties and life challenges. My psychic Tarot readings have brought my clients to a place of inner wisdom, peace and self-confidence. This helps them to make choices that are right for them to achieve their goals.

Testimonials on Workshops & Healing

My workshops have provided my students with valuable tools and guidance to help themselves and their loved ones. My healing sessions have helped my clients to clear limiting beliefs and conditioning which frees them so they can change.

I am always mindful to conduct my services with empathy, sensitivity and non-judgement. If you would like to provide feedback of how you found Tarot by Carolyn’s services, please email me.

I found the reading 100% correct, without me telling you anything, or knowing me, everything you said was correct. I just went along for fun, not expecting anything else. It gave me insight into what I had been thinking, of stuff I had brushed under the carpet, of what was important to me, and which I had not actioned. It changed my whole perspective on life and gave me a new excitement about what I should be doing with my life. I loved the reading and came away with the most of it, because I wasn’t looking for the cliche’. I came without expectations, and left with a spiritual awakening. ~Nikki D, Cairns.
Hi again Carolyn   I took your wise advice and spent time trying to discover what I wanted my life to be like. I reflected on what I wanted to do with my career. I dreamt up the perfect role at work which was to be employed as an internal consultant to write reports and polices across five different teams in the community services department. I wanted to reduce my hours to three days a week also. As well as saving the department lots of money, it would provide me with the opportunity to learn about new things all the time and really master my professional writing skills. At 57 in the late stage of my career, this would be fabulous. From a life path perspective, I would have increased influence and opportunity to inspire others. For a whole lot of reasons, it really was my idea of a dream job. I also remember what you said about putting the intent out to Source, so I put a proposal to my manager on Monday and left him with it, while I went to a conference in Tasmania for a few days. This afternoon, he called me in and offered me my dream job! It is a new position and he found the money and sorted things out so it didn’t have to be advertised and I can start immediately. ~Wendy S, Melbourne.
An amazing experience to be identified as the person I am. The enlightenment I received through this spiritual reading, I trust will guide me to heal myself and gain true authenticity in the person I am meant to be. ~Sally L, Cairns
Out of desperation I was looking for somebody to give me a reading, and either everyone I rang was unavailable or did not resonate with me at all. I guess it was not meant to be. So, as I was about to give up and close the web browser after a prolonged search, I saw ‘Tarot by Carolyn’ which I must have opened up during my search, yet there it was in front of me. My intuition immediately told me that this was that which I was seeking. As I read through Carolyn’s website, everything sounded right. So I immediately gave her a call to book a reading as soon as practically possible During the session Carolyn gave me a great deal of insight into my situation and my personal problems. She used different techniques, including tarot cards. Carolyn was very accurate, wise and she also reminded me of my spiritual path which I have not followed with care in a long time. I also had a blocked solar plexus chakra, which I was constantly struggling with for 2-3 days, as it was affecting my sleep too. Aside from many things she clarified about my situation, she also pointed out that I was pleasing others and was not being honest with myself and others. This is what I needed to see but was missing all along. In that moment the blockage vanished and I could breath again properly. It was spot on. Her guidance was a gift. Thank you. I intend to follow the tips she gave me and I hope to get more spiritual guidance and life coaching with Carolyn in the future again. ~AdnanT, Tasmania
Dear Carolyn, I just wanted to tell you how self-empowered the Theta Healing left me. I have been able to get on top of things that were overwhelming me since my husband died. The nicotine and alcohol cravings have also left me. Thank you sharing your gift with me. I will be booking in for future sessions.   ~Wendy S., Melbourne
Thank you, Carolyn. I believe this reading will definitely help me in the future. It has opened up many possibilities of how I am going to be able to change my life.  It has shown a new direction and given me a new awareness of how I can achieve the positive life that I deserve. ~Tracey L, Cairns.
This experience has been very powerful for me as it has lifted me from feeling dark to being light again. It has given me clarification. Also, confirmation of where I have been at this time and where I really need to be. Thank you. ~Wendy S, Cairns
Carolyn, I have been confused with decisions in my life of late, and you touched in on what I was confused about and helped me immensely, you brought everything to fruition. And (it) was straight to the point. I was amazed with my reading with you. Thank you. ~Lorraine T, Melbourne
Hi Carolyn. How can I thank you for the help you gave me during a reading. Not only did you tell me things that I needed to hear about myself, things I was afraid to face up to. Still there were things that gave me insights which was filled with sunshine. I came to you in a state of deep depression. You asked me to look into my heart and doing so I saw a crying child. You than decided to do the Confession technique with me. It was amazing to see and feel the light that filled my heart. It was amazing. Thank you Carolyn for being there for me that day. I will never forget it. love and light! ~A. Norton, Cairns